Complying with Income tax and VAT laws and regulations that are constantly changing is a challenge. Keeping up with the digitalization of tax authorities and electronic submission can be overwhelming/stressful.

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What we do

At Audit Lab, we aim to make compliance with Tax and VAT regulations less stressful for our clients, using our expertise, being proactive and attentive to clients’ taxation needs and business objectives.

We can help you with:
Direct Tax
  • Tax planning when setting up a company/group of companies
  • Obtaining tax rulings to confirm complex tax treatments with the Tax Authorities
  • Tax compliance to ensure statutory and tax filings are done by their due dates
  • Obtaining tax residency certificates
  • Assisting with personal tax matters
  • Transfer pricing studies
Indirect Tax
  • Registering companies/groups with the VAT authorities
  • Registering companies to the European Union Intercommunity Trade (VIES)
  • Assist in preparing and submitting VAT and VIES forms in accordance with their due dates
  • Assist in the administration of payment of VAT and taxes
  • Obtaining VAT rulings to confirm VAT treatments with the VAT authorities
  • Offer VAT advice on specific transactions

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